Why Donate?

Our servers are hosted on a high-performance dedicated gaming server provided by GMC. This costs us about $200 per month, which compounds quickly. To fund this, players can donate for Pointshop Points. These points can be spent on a variety of toys, weapons, and customization items.
Donated funds will be put toward the upkeep of this community!


Step 1: Sign in through Steam

Sign in through Steam
Click this button to sign in through your Steam account
so we know who you are!

Step 2: Choose Amount


You will recieve:

100,000 Points
80 Points Per Minute*


You will recieve:

300,000 Points
200 Points Per Minute*
Income level 2 (see below)


You will recieve:

700,000 Points
300 Points Per Minute*
Income level 3 (see below)

Custom Amount

You will recieve:

100,000 Points first $5.00
200,000 Points each additional $5.00
Points Per Minute as shown below*
Income level as shown below


Income Levels

(permanent reward; total all past donations)

Level 1 - Free

Max income: 200 Points/min
Income multiplier: 1.0x

Level 2 - $10

Max income: 250 Points/min
Income multiplier: 1.25x

Level 3 - $20

Max income: 300 Points/min
Income multiplier: 1.5x

Your donation will be permanently logged.
If donation benefits are increased in the future, you will be credited/promoted automatically.

*Points Per Minute is calculated as  ( ( Current Points / 2500 ) + 40 ) * Multiplier  and capped according to your income level.
If you spend your points, your income will drop accordingly.