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The FAT KID Rises...

Just in time for summer.


Happy #AutismAwarenessDay!!

Of course, every day on Swamp Cinema is autism awareness day.


Time to replace the posters on cinema! To submit one just make your poster, upload it to imgur, and comment the link here. The poster should be about 1.5 times as tall as it is wide. I won't accept posters with pornography etc. Submissions will be open for at least a week.

EDIT: New posters up, submissions closed, thanks



this is it bros were in the twilight hour of the pewdiepie vs t series war... hes only like 200k ahead. if t series takes over that means INDIA takes over USA... we must rally every resource we got to subscribe to pewdiepie in this the greatest battle of our life time...

new stuff plz

as always it'd be nice to have new content on swamp cinema. i can't be the only one working on it anymore though.

i've launched an open-source github here with parts of swamp cinema and instructions on how to contribute:

what to make? whatever you want, as long as i approve it. check out the readme on that github for swamp-specific stuff like how to add things to the shop. also check out for ideas

you may be paid paypal $$$ or points depending on how much work was put in/how good it is. please discuss with me before doing any work if you want to agree on a price. also please note that i don't really want to work with people who don't play on the server or are only in it for money. contact me on steam or discord; you can also ask for public feedback in discord in #development:

once code is added to the github, the server will automatically download it after the next daily restart!